A packed show for die hard NFL fans, the Blitz team ranks and predicts the destinations for the top available free agent quarterbacks and prospects in the NFL draft, discuss the NFL Combine where Lamar Jackson and Josh Rosen rightfully went against the conformity of the league, and are joined by Vkings Reporter for ESPN1500 Matthew Coller who discusses the Vikings QB situation, Case Keenum, Kirk Cousins, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford, and more! It is another edition of the Blitz! On 91.3 FM WBNY and the WBNY Sports Podcast Network. 


Lou's List: 

  • 1. Lamar Jackson- Bills
  • 2. Teddy Bridgewater- Cardinals
  • 3. Sam Darnold- Browns  
  • 4. Josh Rosen- Giants
  • 5. Josh Allen- Broncos   
  • 6. Nick Foles- Eagles   
  • 7. Kirk Cousins- Vikings   
  • 8. Baker Mayfield- Jets  
  • 9. Sam Bradford-  Bills
  • 10. Case Keenum- Denver
  • 11. Tyrod Taylor- Jets   
  • 12. AJ McCarron- Browns
  • 13. Josh McCown- Cardinals
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