The guys are joined by Jeremy Juhaz of The Bills Wire on USA Today and he makes the case for why Josh Allen can thrive in Buffalo and fans shouldn't be so deterred from the idea of the former Wyoming QB joining the Blue and Red. 


Wonderball Part 3 is here! Lars has a Golf Idea that will blow your mind....he brings back 1930 style clubs for an entire tournament that pros must use on tour. Find out what else Lars and the guys want to bring back in the world of sports. 


A brand new segment called "Salt Meter" brings you some salty sports takes around social media. 


The Bills depth chart is not looking great. Josh Allen could fit the timeline better, sitting out a year and taking over when the Bills have much more cap space (90+ in 2019). 


All that and more on another installment of The Blitz! On the WBNY Sports Podcast Network and 91.3 FM WBNY Buffalo. 

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